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We take a one-on-one approach with clients to tailor a plan of action, specific to a client’s needs for timely results, providing a wide range of confidential investigative services to law firms, insurance carriers, third-party administrators (TPA), corporations, and businesses of any size. We at Allen Investigative Group are here to serve you. 

Statements (Written or Recorded) & Interviews

During any investigation, it is essential to verify if an incident occurred or did not occur and document any accounts/versions of the incident.  We have the experience to conduct interviews and obtain written or recorded statements for documentation to use during any proceedings.

Scene Investigations

To understand how an accident happened, it is important to document the conditions and surroundings of where it occurred in an attempt to recreate the accident location.  Whether the incident occurred as part of property liability or an auto accident, we have the knowledge to thoroughly document the accident scene.


When an incident or accident occurs, there will be a responsible party for a carrier or counsel to speak with; however, the party may not be cooperating and/or the party could have moved, rendering their address or context information obsolete. This is also true with fact witnesses, who provided their information at the time of the incident, but as the matter proceeds, the witness moves and does not update any of the parties involved with the accident. We have the resources and technologies to develop information related to the individuals needed to be located.

Background Investigations

Do you know your client, the opposing party, or the witness? We have the experience to develop and build a profile of an individual or business to have an understanding of their past and current situations. This could make the difference with your positioning in a claim or litigation proceedings. 

Social Media Investigations

Part of the puzzle of developing a profile on a person and determining their activities or associations includes a review of social media platforms.  A lot of information can be obtained through voluntary social media posts. During an investigation, we can obtain and document posts, conversations, photographs, as well as videos made on social media platforms.

Medical Canvass / Lifestyle Canvass

Another piece of an investigation through a Medical Canvass is determining whether there are any previously undisclosed injuries or medical treatments by an individual, which could identify pre-existing injury or treatments.  Likewise, a Lifestyle Canvass can assist with determining an individual’s activity level, mobility, or interests.

Activity Checks / Alive & Well Checks

Meeting with an individual through face-to-face visits or virtually can confirm if a person is alive and receiving benefits or a widow receiving benefits has remarried.  Similarly, verifying through neighborhood sources can provide insight into a person’s activity level.

Trial & Mediation Attendance

Should circumstances arise where your organization needs a trial or mediation monitor, we have the ability to attend a trial or mediation and provide updates throughout the proceedings.

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