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Jeffrey Allen, the owner of Allen Investigative Group, LLC, has 25 years of investigative experience in the Private Investigation industry.

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Allen was the Lead Investigator and Director of Investigations for Stumar Investigations, a large private investigation agency in the Mid-Atlantic area, establishing the standard of excellence and helping the company become a Nationally recognized name within the Private Investigation industry. Mr. Allen has conducted investigations as well as led a team of investigators and investigative analysts throughout the nation. Mr. Allen’s knowledge, investigative skills, and ability to manage day-to-day operations were the basis of the natural progression to Allen Investigative Group, LLC.

Mr. Allen’s findings over the years have assisted clients with settlements in the client’s favor.

Mr. Allen has conducted thousands of investigations over his multi-decade career, providing the experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence needed to ensure the quality of service to clients.

Allen Investigative Group, LLC provides a wide range of confidential investigative services to law firms, insurance carriers, third-party administrators (TPA), corporations, and businesses of any size.
Allen Investigative Group, LLC takes a one-on-one approach with clients to tailor a plan of action, specific to a client’s needs for timely results.

Mr. Allen has assisted Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in the development and prosecution of criminal cases, and he has also served as a court-qualified expert witness, presenting detailed testimony.
Moreover, Mr. Allen has conducted a vast array of investigations such as Civil, Backgrounds, Locates, AOE/COE, Accident Scenes, Social Media, Due Diligence, Service of Process, Activity Checks, as well as obtained hundreds of Written and Recorded Statements.

Allen Investigative Group, LLC is committed to the same excellence, integrity, standards, and professionalism clients have come to know of Mr. Allen’s handling of their matters of the decades.

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